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Social Network Asia's blogger blog is a premium platform for sponsored blog posts. It allows brands to engage highly influential blogs based on criteria including relevancy, traffic and demographics. The platform enables the execution of large-scale social media campaigns with the click of a button and the ability to watch the results in real-time.

Sponsored blog posts within Social Network Asia's blogger blog drive long-term conversations. The posts and comments generated can last forever, creating what is referred to as “permanent media.” The cumulative benefit of these conversations over time can have a very powerful brand awareness impact with measurable ROI. Further, when top brands combine Social Network Asia's blogger blog with other long-term advertising strategies, the results generate a return on investment for months, if not years.

Why us?

As one of Zemanta active bloggers, our premium sponsored blog post utilise Zemanta "Semantic technology" to offer smart, scalable blogger outreach, building authority and trust to your domain. Zemanta offers a channel for content marketers to reach over 140K active bloggers. Zemanta bloggers are looking for interesting, authoritative content they can share with their readers. Zemanta bloggers create over 250,000 blog posts a month, enhancing them with Zemanta curated content recommendations.

What is a Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is when a blogger receives payment to publish an article provided by the sponsor or written by the blogger, but includes at least one contextual link. The article is known as a sponsored post, guest post, post with a link and probably many other names.

Sponsored posts gaining in popularity

Sponsored posts are becoming more widespread than a traditional text link in the sidebar or footer.  Google continually strives to combat links meant for SEO (search engine optimization) or SERP manipulation.  Placing a link within the context of an entire article is much more difficult to discover because it seems to appear naturally.  After all, most legitimate (non-paid) links are placed within the context of an article when someone is referencing another source or touting a product or service they like. Look for link builders to contact you for a sponsored post placement more often now.

Why Sponsored Articles?
  • Create buzz about a new website, product or service. Share the news all over the world.
  • Build high-quality permanent text links that increase your search engine rankings.
  • Get honest and constructive feedback from professional reviewers and their audiences.
  • Increase your website traffic by attracting direct visitors from a highly targeted audience.
  • The price per post start at USD$288.

In accordance with our ethical code, all posts are clearly identifiable by a word "Sponsored Post by Your Name or Company Name"and Author Resource Box.

This service is made for me if I want to:
  • Feed my blog with original content while being paid;
  • Choose interesting topics to interest my readers and increase their traffic;
  • Keep up to date with the latest news related to the field that interests me.

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