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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Smash It Social Fan Reviews App

Smash It Social is an all in one Facebook marketing system combining an innovative “Fan ReviewsFacebook application with expert social media training designed to help entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and businesses of any size take advantage of the worlds most powerful form of advertising, “word of Mouth”, to generate more paying customers without having to spend much additional time, energy, or money.

Fan Reviews
  • This is a viral testimonial from one friend to another
  • The reviews can generate “likes,” messages, traffic, phone calls, and most importantly new customers because friends trust their friends opinions
  • Creates positive brand positioning
  • Each review that is at least 4 or 5 stars can be automatically posted on YOUR FB page as a status update for your fans to see
  • This solves the “What do I say on Facebook?” content burden and automates the absolute most impactful type of content…“earned media.”
  • The Fan Reviews on Autopilot Strategy
  • Simple steps on how to put the Review Engine on autopilot to continually cultivate referrals
  • How to set up and customize your Fan Reviews application
  • How to ask for reviews so that you always get 5 stars
  • Simple reputation management techniques
  • How to manage your social media in less than 5 minutes per day
  • Email, video, and status update templates and copy
Weekly Coaching Call
  • Discover how to use Facebook to attract more free customers that call you!
  • Build massive “Earned Media” by turning your fans into raving brand advocates
  • Simple strategies that have been proven to work in ANY industry
  • How to optimize your branding for maximum impact
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and start getting customers so you can get a good sleep at night
  • And many, many more…
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