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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Advertising Media Planning Review

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English: Photo of the ERISA Expert Professor Roger Baron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With so much pressure on planning agencies these days, it's hard to find the time and money to provide adequate training. The solution is the seventh (2010) edition of the classic media textbook: Advertising Media Planning by Roger Baron and Jack Sissors from McGraw-Hill.

Advertising Media Planning was initially published in the late Seventies by Jack Sissors, a professor at Northwestern University. He's had several well-known media industry co-authors for different updates.

In 2001, Professor Scissors turned to fellow Chicagoan, Roger Baron, SVP and Media Research Director of DraftFCB to be his co-author for the sixth edition. That edition was translated into Russian, Turkish, and Chinese even though the book focuses on US media. In fact, one fourth of the edition's sales came from outside of the United States. Professor Scissors passed away in 2004; now the book is entirely Roger Baron's work, though Roger continues to share authorship with the Professor, placing both names on the cover.

The book covers perennially thorny media planning issues like intermedia comparisons (Which medium is the most effective?), targeting (Who are my best prospects? How can I weight target segments correctly?), frequency (How often do prospects need to see an ad for it to work?) and many others.

Besides thorough coverage of traditional media which has been updated with the latest industry practices and illustrated with major advertiser case histories, there is extensive coverage of both digital media and new planning technologies. You'll find coverage of organic and sponsored search, mobile media, Internet banners and rich media, and multi-platform campaigns. The book explains many newer topics such as channel planning, interactive television, data fusion, the DVR's impact on TV commercial viewing, and much more.

CircMatters asked Mr. Baron how he saw the future of media planning and those that practice the art. "I see a bright future," said Baron. He explained why: "The needs of marketers have not changed. Advertisers spending hundreds of millions of dollars need to know those dollars are used as effectively and as efficiently as possible. Today's media world is so complex, and changes so quickly, that more than ever, it requires the services of full time, professional media planners."

I'd add this to the last sentence of that answer: ...provided those media planners are well-trained and know what they're talking about. Check out the book on Amazon aStore. It's a bargain at twice the price.

Jack Hanrahan
Hanrahan Media Services LLC
Publisher of CircMatters

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