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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Twitter Marketing Tips for Business Entrepreneurs

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Twitter is used far and wide to promote small and big businesses today. Although believed to be effective, it cannot serve the purpose you expect it to perform without the proper techniques. Listed below are some Twitter marketing tips which can help make your tweets more convertible to profits.

Always Lend A Helping Hand - This is the same as sharing quality content to your followers. Companies are often aggressive in posting links to webmercials which often offer products or services. If you want loyal customers coming your way, provide links to content that will address the issues that concern them at the moment. Through this, you can be assured they will be hungry for more information from you. Use the right words to make your tweets resemble your personality or the brand you are promoting.

Optimize Keyword Use - One of the Twitter marketing tips often left unnoticed is keyword placing. It is the same with the procedures with full-length content. From your keyword list, select ones which would sound perfect for your posts. Make the most out of your 140 characters. Google is now giving high regard to the content of social media accounts since more and more people are turning to them as source of information.

Build Connections - Gaining many followers is not enough. Starting with a few which you can engage in a meaningful conversation is more important. With that, you can fetch insights about your brand. Observe the concept of give and take. Take time to search for those who talk about your business. Besides thanking them, return the favor by re-tweeting their posts. Should you come across questions related to your niche, provide a ready answer.

Utilize Available Tools - Hootsuite and Summify are two of the best tools used in effective Twitter marketing strategies these days. They are both great in categorizing different tweets and trending topics. They make it easy for you to track tweets related to your niche. They can also lead you to questions which you may answer with tips that showcase the benefits of using your products or services.

Tweet About Your Blog Posts - This step is as easy as inserting the link to your new blog post in your tweet. Do this in a regular basis and you will be surprised to see a generous amount of traffic flowing to your blog or website. If you are looking for a reliable lead generation program through social media, this is one procedure which you must not miss.

Sync Your Twitter Account With Your Facebook And LinkedIn Accounts - This will make your tweets more relevant to your business. As you share content simultaneously across networks, you are able to save time and effort. More so, you will get easy updates with the Twitter activities and posts of your clients.

These are just a few of the Twitter marketing tips which you can take advantage of for successful advertising. As advancements continue to rise, a few more procedures may be added to this list.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Social Media Marketing Tips: Twitter Marketing Strategies

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When used correctly in a social media marketing campaign, Twitter can be a powerful tool to get your company's information out to customers and potential customers. Twitter can be used to promote specials, give away coupons, advertise new products and connect with customers on a personal basis to inspire loyalty to your company. However, in order for you to successfully connect with the right crowd you're aiming for on Twitter, you need to read these 5 tips for Twitter success. 

1. Make a reasonable follower goal. It's unlikely that you're going to get millions of Twitter followers (unless you're famous), and after all it's better to get 100 good followers who will actually read what you tweet rather than 1,000 spam accounts. Focus on gaining quality followers and grow your network over time. However, if you grow your network too large, you may not be able to keep all your followers happy. If you can get 1,000 good followers who actually interact with you, that's great. If you find yourself at 1,000 followers, next shoot for 5,000 quality followers. 

2. Invest time in your Twitter account. The more time you invest the more you will get out of your Twitter account. In order to attract and maintain followers you have to make sure you're giving them interesting information that they want to read, which means tweeting at least once or twice a day about industry news, fun facts, tips, etc. You can also tweet coupons or specials for your followers to reward them for following. Remember, if all you do is tweet advertisements, your followers are likely to become bored and un-follow you. The key is to keep them engaged daily. 

3. Focus on a specific topic. If you can become known as an expert in a certain topic, people will look to you for information on that topic, which will allow you to gain and maintain quality followers. However, trying to become a expert of a broad topic is hard because there are so many others on Twitter tweeting about that same thing. The more focused your topic is, the more likely you are to gain followers who look to you as an expert on the subject, which will make them keep checking back. 

4. Once you choose your topic, keep your tweets relevant to that topic. Otherwise, you will disappoint your current followers and they may un-follow you. Also you won't be able to attract new followers that are interested in information dealing with that subject. Post links, facts, tips, news, etc. that deal with your specific subject only. 

5. Respond to your followers. Remember, the point of social media marketing is to be social! If someone asks you a question, respond! If you neglect your followers they will neglect you! Sometimes when you have a lot of followers it's hard to respond to every single one, but try your hardest to respond to the majority in order to keep the conversation active. 

6. Take advantage of Twitter tools. There are various Twitter tools online that help finding followers and tweeting easier. is a great Twitter tool that can connect you with thousands of interested followers. The best way to gain followers is to follow first. Narrow your search by categories or use the "Twellowhood" to find people based on location. Then view their profiles, see what they're tweeting about and their interests are and if you think they'd be a relevant follower, follow them. Once they see you're following them, they will view your profile and if they like what you're tweeting about, they'll follow you back. 

Another great tool for business is Hoot Suite. You can manage multiple social media accounts as well as schedule tweets for the future, view tweets, direct messages and more from the people you follow. Scheduling tweets for the future is especially convenient when you're a busy business owner who forgets to tweet every day. You can simply sign on once a week, schedule tweets, and respond to anyone who may have connected with you. 

If you know what to do and how to keep up with your business Twitter account it can be a powerful social media marketing tool. Put the work in and Twitter can help you attract customers and connect with current customers to address their questions and concerns as well as create a relationship and loyalty.

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