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Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Increase Blog Traffic via Blogger

How To Increase Blog Traffic
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Many tactics used to generate blog traffic differ from many methods use for the same purposes on 'traditional' websites. Generally speaking blog posting is a frequent ritual performed to maintain freshly updated content on the site. As a result of this continual flow of new content most blogs can influence the amount of search engine traffic they receive.

Here are 3 simple ways to make your blog more search engine friendly thereby 'inviting' an increase in the flow of traffic to your site.

Post Regularly with Quality Content

It gets right down to whether the content on your blog is helpful or informative to the blog reader. If you can not maintain a consistent level of content that your readers feel is worth viewing they simply will not return. The same can be said for any new traffic that if they land on your site and it is not of interest to them they will not return.

By posting regularly you will increase the frequency of search engines 'crawling' your site to view the new content. With each visit search engines view your site as more important since the information is being updated constantly. This will result in higher rankings and more traffic to your blog.

Optimize Your Content

By selecting those keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your content you have a great start at optimizing it with these keywords. By taking your selected keywords you want to 'strategically' place them throughout the body of your post where the words fit in the best. Do not attempt to just stuff them into your content without careful consideration of where they are being placed. Your post will not make sense from a grammatical standpoint which will reflect upon you as a writer.

You do want to choose a primary keyword and place it in the title of your post.

By correctly choosing and placing your keywords you will be making your site more search engine friendly thereby making it easier for your content to be found and ranked. This in turn will result in higher rankings for you translating into more search engine traffic.

Page Linking

Your site will have multiple pages and it is best to make the effort to link these pages when you can. Page linking results when you place a link from one page on your site to another page that has similar or relevant content on it. What this does is it makes it easier for site visitors to find information on your site.

When you place internal links in this manner it also makes it easier for search engines to find all the relevant content your site offers. The net result here is that once again your ranking increases attracting more search engine traffic.

Blog traffic with a properly updated site can pretty much be moderated according to how the content is prepared and distributed. Maintaining a frequent blog posting schedule containing quality content can make your site more search engine friendly. In doing so you are now positioning yourself for an increase in highly targeted free search engine traffic. By implementing the 3 simple strategies we spoke of above you will experience more visitors to your site. The loyalty of these same visitors will be influenced by the level of quality content you continue to maintain on your blog.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blog Marketing Tips via Social Bookmaking Sites

Blog Marketing
Blog Marketing via Social Bookmarketing Sites
One of the best blog marketing tips is submitting your blog link to popular social bookmaking sites. These include websites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit just to mention a few. To be sure of high volume traffic from bookmarking sites, submit your best articles which capture people attention.

Search engine optimization is a vital element when it comes to blog marketing tips. Therefore, as you draft your blog posts make sure they are friendly to search engines crawlers. Optimize your articles by including popular keyword phrases and links. Some people make the mistake of overdoing this; your major keyword phrase should occupy 7% of your blog post content. In addition, include the keywords in the blog post heading preferably at the beginning. Adding keywords all over the place can be considered as spamming hence your blog may end up being omitted by search engines.

Note that your readers are visual human beings, thus adding an image in the body of your article is very important. Blog marketing tips calls for inclusion pictures that are relevant to your blog posts. This makes your readers enjoy being at your site and more so better understand the content on your blog. Remember to add hyper links to your images since it will also help in search engine optimization as people browse for images.

The internet has over 100 million blogs, thus you have to strive to adhere to the best blog marketing tips in order to generate high volume traffic. Research from internet marketing experts on other blog promotion strategies and online money making will be a sure thing for you. Therefore, if you are thinking of launching a blog today you have every reason to since now you know what to do to generate traffic and hence earn extra cash.

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