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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Review

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
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I've installed the Developer and Public Releases of Windows 8. Up front I'd like to say that I'm impressed. It's true that Microsoft is attempting to provide a unified, touch friendly user experience across multiple devices - so is Apple. As a business student, I learned that companies who do not innovate quickly go the way of the DoDo Bird. Look at IBM, Kodak and HP to name a few Fortune 500. They are shells of their former selves.

There are complaints that Windows 8 boots directly to the Metro Screen, I mean Windows 8 style interface. The Windows 8 Quick User Interface supports what most people do on computers 90% of the time - surf the internet and social network ~ one click to run IE10, email, Facebook, listen to music, or look at photos are just a few quick actions. Windows 8 installs in 20min, cold boots in 10-20sec, and wakes from sleep in 2-5sec. I think that is a huge improvement over Windows 7.

Windows 8 is not a new, alien system or interface; it's a better Windows 7 that is Unique and very Intuitive. It can use any combo of touch, keyboard, and/or mouse. For those without touch, there are very few differences when it comes to using the desktop - drag, point, and click [no need to genetically alter your arms, hands, or eyes]. However, the desktop is missing the familiar button. This leads to my biggest gripe. After installing new software, you have to return to the Windows 8 screen to run the application if it did not make a desktop shortcut. So go to the Windows 8 screen or litter you desktop with all kinds of shortcuts. I'm sure button "Dock" style software will fill the void. People and Software programmers have a way of adapting. My second issue is that Media Center is not included as a standard. Additional money must be spent to acquire this feature. I do applaud Microsoft for keeping upgrade prices reasonable. The only way to combat theft and piracy is to keep upgrade prices low while generating revenue through use of their products ~ like Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire. I also like the concept of the App Store.

To those people who want the same look and feel. Stay with Windows 7, no one will force you to upgrade for at least 10 years. I believe People are Smart, Capable and want Better Computer Systems. Making progress does not always mean keeping the same "look and feel". Name an automobile company that is still around today because they are producing the exact same look and feel. Companies survive by upgrading their products and corporate image.

Windows 8 is not an abortion or a disaster. I welcome the changes. It is progress toward a unified ecosystem for a company that is doing what every company should; provide value to its shareholders by being innovative, forward thinking, and creative. I do not work for Microsoft or own stock. I do have a Windows 7 phone and plan to upgrade to a new WP8 when they are released.

By the way, I've been using [sorry for the passive voice] my Windows 7 touch laptop for two years without installing any additional virus protection software. I have not had a virus or spyware issue. People using Apple PC's think that their systems cannot get viruses. The fact of the matter is that 80% of homes and 95% of businesses use Windows. If you are a malicious hacker, which system would you target to propagate your malware?

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