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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Branding Business via Celebrity Marketing Strategies

SUCCESS (magazine)
SUCCESS (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Success Magazine has a great article, "Celebrity Marketing", in their February 2012 issue.

This article got me thinking. What can celebrities teach me about marketing or branding my business? Even though you may not agree with celebrity strategies, there is still an underline message that can apply to any business. These tips are great for college graduates, and for new network marketers.

1) Celebrities personally connect with their fan base. Celebrities don't only focus on the products they offer, they learn more about their fans and build relationships. Social network marketing is the MOST POWERFUL path for communicating with the masses! This path is a two-way street. Many celebrities make time to respond, and are sending their own tweets. Take this lead from the celebrities! Learn about your "fan base" problems, build a relationship, and respond to them. By responding you become a 'real' person. Through the relationship you can explain how your product or service will solve their issue.

2) Create an emotional attraction. People typically stay loyal to a brand because the brand promise meets or exceeds their expectations. They can also become emotionally connected by how it makes them feel. Harley Davidson enthusiasts are a perfect example. Their emotional touch point is the open road, personal freedom, and for some, rebellion. These enthusiasts feel so connected, many are willing to tattoo the company logo on multiple body parts.

This is way over the top for me! However, what type of emotional connection attracts your "fan base"? These emotional connectors can easily be connected with their problems. For example, a woman has a weight problem. To lose weight, she attends zumba classes. Now even after she lost her weight, she still attends zumba classes because it makes her feel; more energetic, younger, and sexier. So she started zumba to fix her problem, and then became emotionally attracted because the way it makes her feel.

3) Live & breath the brand. This means you must love your product or service. You must love it so much, that you use it. When someone is using a product regularly, it is only natural for them to tell others. You can't attract customers if they don't know about it. When owning a business, don't be shy or act like the "wallflower" at a school dance. If you want a your business to grow, then get to talking.

There are many other success strategies in the Success article. These are three that I think are very helpful to a college graduate getting involved with network marketing for the first time, or a stay at home mom trying to start a home business.

If anything, realize how important utilizing social network marketing is for your financial success!

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. ~ Dale Carnegie 

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