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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Innovative Golf Resorts Marketing Strategies

Grand Cayman Golf
Grand Cayman Golf (Photo credit: Fevi Yu)

So how should you market your golf resort?

Result oriented marketing strategies of golf resorts

As mentioned earlier that slashing prices permanently can turn disastrous for your golf resort. Nevertheless, you can still indulge in such adventures on a short-term basis every now and then to generate quick cash flow. The better option will be to offer discounts.

Discounts normally work better than rate cuts as they encourage the clients to spend money on even the products that they may not regularly use. Just because they are getting an irresistible discount on the service, they might be tempted to go for it. One excellent way of wrapping a discount package into the golf course deals is to offer heavy discounts on spa usage or any other service if one plays a minimum number of rounds of golf. This way, what you lose on the spa or service sale can be made up for by the extra sales generated on the golf course. Eventually, you will have happy clients who enjoyed spending their money.

Such offer pays huge dividends in the case of families and women golfers, also the men golfers sometimes. Looking closely, you have nothing to lose. You are getting good visibility for your spa or service and breaking-even at the same time, or may be earning a handsome margin as well!

Another one among the interesting marketing strategies of golf resorts is to offer complimentary service rolled into a package. However, you must ensure that your package is unique and not just a mere copy of a competitors package.

An excellent example of such strategy is the regular package deals offered by resorts to their clients wherein upon booking a certain package, the client gets to avail a particular service free or at heavy discounted price. It can also take shape of offering complimentary products like a classic golf towel or may be a high-end golf-cart for a day.

Nothing beats the marketing strategy of making your clients feel welcome when they step into your resort. This works wonders for the first time as well as the returning customers.

You must ensure that the reception area of your golf resort is designed in a manner that it makes anyone feel comfortable and at ease. Maybe you can offer the guests some drinks or flowers upon arrival as well! This will make them feel special and wanted.

On the whole, there are several marketing strategies of golf resorts that you can study and implement. However, it pays most to be imaginative and innovative to make your golf resort the talk of the town. Another crucial point to be kept in mind is that every customer, irrespective of his/her loyalty, is looked-after like a king while he is your guest. Striving in this manner will earn you a positioning no competitor can match in the marketplace.

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