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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Develop Brand Marketing Strategies

Relationship between trade marks and brand
Relationship between trade marks and brand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the "outside world", when you create your brand you create unlimited opportunities to leverage what you do into high payoff programs, information products, teleseminars, joint ventures, workshops and more.

On the inside, creating your brand gives you a powerful sense of identity, mission and alignment with your Unique Brilliance. You feel as if the heart and soul of who you are is now (finally!) in tune with building a successful business.

But what if you're struggling with trying to figure out what your brand really is? If you haven't been able to create a high-impact, high visibility brand, that tells me three vital elements are missing from your business-branding strategy.

Luckily, once you focus on, discover and integrate these three missing elements, your brand will "pop!" This branding strategy works equally well for internet branding and other brand marketing strategies.

If creating a strong, memorable, authentic brand has been eluding you, then take a look at each of these strategies for your answers. If you already have your brand, then you can use this list as a "brand checkup," or for help in rebranding.

Branding strategy #1: What results do your clients experience from your service? 

In my Brand Authenticity workshops I ask participants to create a list of not just one or two results, but THIRTY! Why so many? Because it forces the (and you!) to dig deep and get really specific about the results you offer.

For example, let's say you're a life coach and you love to work with women on finding better balance in their lives. That's a tough sell (even though most women will wistfully acknowledge they need more balance!) Your list of thirty client results for may include: starting regular exercise programs, picking up long-wished for hobbies, joining book clubs, asking for a raise or setting clear boundaries with their kids about doing homework.

Now, isn't that a lot more tangible and sellable than quasi-results like "be more accepting,” “be happier,” or the ubiquitous (and sorry, nearly meaningless) "put themselves first for a change?”

My coaching challenge to you: You don't need to wait for my next Brand Authenticity workshop. You can create this list for yourself starting now. Just pull out a piece of paper and start listing each and every detailed result you help your clients achieve.

Branding strategy #2: What problems does your service solve?

Like the prior list, this one too needs to be more than just an answer or two. Again, aim for thirty problems your service helps your clients solve. It's okay if some of your answers overlap with your prior list – just be sure you are detailed and specific in what you list.

Branding strategy #3: What are you a stand for, no matter what?

Great brands have power and punch to them. For example, Maureen, one of my Brand Authenticity clients created the brand "Real Relationships." Another client, Jack, created "The Christian Business Profit." (I love the play on words!)

Both Maureen and Jack are clear on what they stand for and that shows up in their powerful, compelling brand names. So, what are YOU a stand for, no matter what? The "no matter what" part matters because it will shift you out of complacency or fear. It will move you into that courageous, vibrant, determined place where your passion breathes fire and life into your words.

So whether you are internet branding, rebranding or looking at branding strategies for the first time, your powerful, authentic brand is just waiting to be discovered! So what are you waiting for?

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