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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Social Advertising: How Paid Media & Promotions Work on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

The days of expecting branded content or a campaign to "go viral" without paid media support are over. Thankfully, marketers can bolster their social media efforts with a variety of social ad units. The caveat is that there aren't many best practices or performance benchmarks to help guide the way. For example, Twitter's Promoted Trends can cost upwards of $120,000 per day ... is there a solid ROI? And is interest-based targeting on Facebook really more effective than targeting standard demographics? Join Social Marketing Master Adam Kmiec and a group of experts with hands-on experience creating, planning and executing successful ad campaigns across multiple social platforms. Come away with tips for managing budgets, targeting the right audience, and even strategies for tying consumer engagement with social ad units back to actual sales.

Key Takeaways: See real examples of well-performing ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Learn best practices that are unique to each social ad platform Understand how to optimize paid social media campaigns and track ROI.
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3 Steps to Successful B2B Social Media Marketing

What's missing in your Social Media?

Find out how B2B companies can be positively impacted by social media marketing and executing inbound marketing tactics. Learn what the missing ingredients are for successful social media campaigns. 

Special guest Nancy Myrland, President of Myrland Marketing, and Chad Pollitt, Director of Social Media & Search Marketing, will reveal three steps for successful B2B social media marketing.

Webinar hightlights:

  • Why B2B should use Social Media to connect with clients
  • Why B2B struggle with Social Media
  • How to approach the use of Social Media - Engagement
  • What Content should be Distributed on Social Media
  • Examples of B2B companies using Social Media successfully

Chad Pollitt shares where social media fits in an inbound marketing strategy and content's role. He will also define the tactical areas where many B2B companies struggle and offer solutions. Nancy Myrland will go into further strategic and tactical detail on content, delivery and engagement.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Get Started in Mobile Marketing Webinar

Join Jamie and Jeanne Hopkins from Hubspot as they give you a crash course in the benefits of mobile marketing. Here they'll explain what mobile media really is, uncover mobile myths and answer questions from real marketers about this emerging medium.

Check out why we choose Mobile Monopoly..

Mobile Monopoly is at present the hottest internet marketing course available. In this outstanding video online course, teen marketing guru Adam Horwitz teaches you step by step of how to conduct a successful mobile marketing campaign using your cellular phone. If you still live in a cave, there are at present over 6 billion cellular phone users on this planet. In just over three years time, there will be more mobile phone users surfing the net than PC users. Needless to say, the potential to make money with cellular phone marketing is huge.

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